Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has been categorized to help field your questions as efficiently as possible.

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District Achievements

»What are the district's test scores (as well as other achievement data)?

Attendance Area/Enrollment/Residency

»How do I determine which school(s) my child(ren) will attend?
»How do I register my child(ren)?
»If I do not live in the Lee's Summit School District, can I pay tuition so my student can attend Lee's Summit Schools?
»Who do I contact with my residency questions?
»Can my child live with a relative in the Lee's Summit School District to attend school in Lee's Summit?

»For those building a home in the Lee's Summit School District: If we are building a house in Lee's Summit and will be unable to reside in the home until after 90 days from the start of school, can our student start the school year in Lee's Summit?

»Does every student in the Lee's Summit School District have to provide proof of residency?

»What will the district accept as proof of residency?

»Will the district contact the local utility company for me?

»Can my student get their schedule/teacher assignment if I do not have my proof of residency during enrollment?

Board of Education

»When and where does the Lee's Summit R-7 Board of Education meet?
»What is the protocol for speaking at School Board meetings?
»What is required to run for a seat on the School Board?


»How many schools are in the district?
»What is the cutoff day for starting kindergarten? And is it a full-day?
»What are the start/end times for my child's school?
»What school supplies does my child need?
»How do I apply for a transfer to another school within the district?
»Do you have maps/directions published to buildings within your district?
»How are early-release days handled?
»How are inclement weather days handled within the district?
»Who do I contact to send my high school transcript to a higher-level institution?
»What is the district's Internet Use policy?
»How can I obtain a detailed school district boundary map?


»How do I find a school district employee (phone/email address)?


»How can I apply for a position within the Lee's Summit R-7 School District?

Health / Immunizations

»What immunizations are required?
»When are physicals due for sports programs and where can we get the form needed?


Why does the Community drop-down menu display behind the list box for schools on the elementary, middle school and high school page?

Special Programs

»What special programs/services does the school district offer?
»Do you have an early childhood program? And if so, for what ages?
»Do you have a gifted program for children? And if so, for what ages?
»Do you offer adult education classes?
»How can I get information on summer camps?


»Is bus transportation available? Is there a fee?
»When will I receive bus number information?
»How are early release days handled for transportation?
»What type of delays could I expect to encounter with bus service?