Health Services Mission Statement

The Health Services team educates the Lee's Summit school community and provides services and resources to promote an optimal level of wellness.

Health Services Overview:

The Health Services Personnel of the Lee's Summit R-7 School District which includes Registered Nurses, Health Clerks and secretarial support, are part of a multidisciplinary team which provides services, resources and education to bridge the gap between health and wellness, and education and learning.  The school nurse provides the necessary professional expertise so that health needs can be assessed, identified and monitored through a health plan and an ongoing evaluation process.  Program emphasis is placed on prevention of disease and promotion of an optimal level for all students and staff.

Parent Forms for Beginning of Year

K-8 Student Medical Information Forms (SMIF)

High School Student Medical Information Forms (SMIF)



Immunization Information


Immunization Requirements


Immunization Requirements 2014-15


Early Childhood Immunization Requirements


Jackson County Health Department

Medication Policy and Forms


Medication Policy


Board Medication Procedures


Parent Permission Form






Health Screening Information


Health Screening District Procedure


Health Fair Screening Dates for 2014-15






Communicable Disease Information



Infection Control

Strep Throat/Scarlett Fever


Common Cold

Head Lice








Other Common Illnesses





Fever Blister


Fifth Disease
















Human Growth and Development



Human Growth and Development Education


Human Growth and Development Viewing Dates


Parent Notification Letter








Health Room Information


Health Room Extensions





Parent Information


1.     What you need when your student

Has an illness or injury with restrictions


2.     What is needed for your student

To participate in middle or high school sports


3.     What is needed to have for health services

for my student to enroll in school


Forms for Students with Health Concerns


1.     Diabetes Information Sheet (to be filled out yearly)


2.     Asthma Action Plan (Elementary)


3.     Inhaler Physician & Parent Signature form for MS & HS


4.     Parent Questionnaire/Action Plan for Seizure Disorder


5.     Special Meals Form for Studentís with Food Allergies






Do you have further questions?

Contact your child's health room and ask to speak to the school nurse.

Email :Terissa.Hansen@leesummit.k12.mo.us
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